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The Obese Turtles sing Happy Together (by The Turtles)

by Kimya Dawson

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Fat people are used to living in a world that is both not built to accommodate us and filled with people who have a lot of judgements and biases when it comes to fatness. It’s so prevalent that you come to expect it. It happens in restaurants, schools, doctor’s offices, and pretty much anywhere else you can imagine.

The past 4 years and especially the past week have been filled with people spewing fatphobic remarks and trying to justify it by saying the people they are insulting are evil. When people insult fat evil people it still lets their fat friends, family members, colleagues, fans, and followers know that they see fatness as a part of what makes an evil person repulsive. If someone thinks fatness is repulsive on an evil person it means they think fat is repulsive period, and we see that.

We feel that.

If someone is evil talk about the things that make them evil not about their size and shape. That is an insult to people who are already fat and damaging to kids who may not be fat but may become fat as they get older. People hate themselves and develop eating disorders because they are so afraid of becoming fat. Or if they do become fat they might hate themselves and feel like failures if they have heard their loved ones and people they look up to equating fat with awfulness.

So we’re The Obese Turtles here to let you know: It’s okay to be fat. It’s okay to be a turtle. It’s okay to be a fatass turtle.

It’s not okay to be a fascist. Human or turtle.

Fuck fascism.

Love and joy.

Happy together,

The Obese Turtles

(Kimya, Emily, and Ryan)


released November 6, 2020
Happy Together
song by The Turtles
Vocals: Kimya Dawson, Emily Spetrino, Ryan Avery
Instruments: Elle Murtagh
Artwork: Clyde Petersen, Jack Dishel, Steven Mertens


all rights reserved


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