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Thunder Thighs

by Kimya Dawson

You're In 02:30
Reflections 01:48


This album is for the love and memory of Mr. Alex Nathan, Ami Avinoam, Malia Jade Hawley, Natalie Cox, Devin Remme, Darrin Sather, Camu Tao, Mikey (Eyedea) Larsen, Nancy Johnson, Patti Neske, and Darla.

And it is for those of us still here trying to be strong, trying to heal, trying to recover, and trying to make sense of it all. This life shit is hard. There is no shame in needing and asking for help.
In fellowship and community here is a haiku:

even deep in grief
we have amazing power
i fucking love us


released June 21, 2020

Thunder Thighs was produced by Jason Carmer and Kimya Dawson. Recorded and engineered by Jason Carmer at Dub Narcotic Studio (Olympia, WA), Stupidio (Berkeley, CA), Northern (Olympia, WA), The Senior Center (Olympia, WA), Kimya's living room and barn (Olympia, WA), Beau Johnson's apartment (NYC), in the car (Philadelphia, PA), The Lambs (NYC). All I Could Do, You're In, and Utopian Futures were recorded by Kimya on the same old busted and beautiful 4-track from early MP days. Bryan Danielson was recorded by Kimya in her kitchen. Aesop Rock masterminded and recorded a bunch of beats, music, and vocals from the comfort of his gray chair. John Darnielle was wrangled by Melissa Thomas and recorded by Andrea Connolly at 307 Knox Records (Durham, NC) on a clear day. Jack Dishel's guitar and Nikolai Fraiture's bass were recorded by Jack Dishel at The Overlook (NYC). The album was mixed beneath the lunar eclipse by Jason Carmer and Kimya Dawson at Stupidio (Berkeley, CA) with the loving support, howling, mediation, and meditation of Aesop Rock, Clyde Petersen, Pablo Das, and Dave End. Artwork by Alex Pardee. Illustration based on photograph by Quinn Tuffinuff. Gatefold photo by Chrissy Piper. Design and Print Production by Meghan Hanlon.

Manufactured and Distributed by Burnside. Mastered by John Greenham at John Greenham Mastering. Management by Lisa Klipsic at Don't Jump. Thanks to the ocean, the earth, the air, Saul's, the cast of Step Up 3D, the ancestors, the POC, the fighters, the farmers, the artists, the radicals, the survivors, the crazies, the kids, the queers, and my parents. Sing revolution!


all rights reserved


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